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Journey Pix

Donna and I really like the warm oceanside better than a winter wonderland scene - however nostalgic. .
Our house in New York - the ultimate "Dick and Jane" place to live... especially if you own a snowblower!

My next generation Picazo arrived in the summer of 2013.



El Capitan TX. On the road to Carlsbad from Marfa TX, part of Donna & my honeymoon trek. The view from behind on Guadalupe Peak is also spectacular - a climb I probably will not repeat!


The original BSA Lightning steed, acquired summer of 1973: lost a bolt somewhere last fall (2013) 20 miles into nowhere, went through the motor case, and thereby ended the ride - for the near future! Now in repair mode pending a wizard welder wielding a wonderful wand! Like a really incredible TIG bead...  

Factory-sister 1971 Thunderbolt, acquired 2013, to ride while Lightning is in rehab.


Busking in Austin TX (I'll keep my other day job for now).



A sunset in NM. A good ending to a well-traveled day.    


The unknown road ahead. Ready for what comes...

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